Gluki Haul and Quick Overview

2:50 PM

 How amazing is this company? Like seriously, these products are great!
When We got pregnant we already decided to start looking for a product range that is all natural for baby. Why would we want to use any products containing chemicals, petroleum and parabens on our dear little one?  A baby’s system is fragile and still developing. The last thing you want to do is use chemicals that irritate a baby’s skin.It’s good to remember that the skin is the body’s biggest organ and can absorb most of what you put onto it.

These products are seriously amazing. They smell so good and I can just imagine having your baby smell like this ALL THE TIME.

We decided to buy all the products, ready to used when baby arrives. When the products arrived, immediately opened them to smell them. For some reason I had this idea in my mind that all natural and vegan approved products wont really smell like much but oh my gosh, I was so wrong. The textures of the product, the smell and my favorite, the packaging are all really good quality and they are totally worth trying out. I bought mine through Faithful to nature (link here).

I will be doing individual reviews of the product as soon as I've been using them on  baby for long enough to actually form an opinion.  What are your takes on these products and would you recommend them?

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