The 10 best things about being pregnant

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I've noticed it has become such a normal thing for women to only look at the negative side of pregnancy, and I'd like to be a change to that. Yes, pregnancy can be quite bad at times but come on. Look at the positive. Besides, how amazing is it that you are growing an actual human?!

So here are my top 10 favorite things about being pregnant:

"I'm just not feeling up to it' is a valid excuse to get out of just about anything. 

Getting out of any social situation has never been easier. I mean, No one can seriously expect you to go to that one weird friend's stand up comedy night...You are GROWING a BABY and all.

People are friendlier.

I can honestly say that going to the Traffic Department has never been this tolerable. People want to help you faster just because you have a bump. And who knew that the lady at the information desk could even smile?

People offer to carry things for you.

This is one of my favorite things. Although I honestly have not made complete use of this, it still feels good when people offer.

You have a reason to 'cry for no reason'

As a very emotional person, this is awesome! I am one of those that would generally just cry because I'm a little tired and maybe even because I was slightly overwhelmed. BUT these days I have an excuse. "Its the pregnancy hormones!"

People want you to sit down.

Although this could be slightly annoying at times, especially when you get into contact with one of those older people who believe that being upright is so incredibly bad for the health of you and your baby. But finding a seat in a crowded place has never been easier.

You don't have to suck it in.

Stretchy pants.  That is simply all I have to say about it.

You are expected to eat a lot.

 My portion sizes are bigger than my husband's and guess what... no one is looking at me weirdly! WIN! It makes the orders that the main character in Two Weeks Notice places seem absolutely normal!

People smile at you.

 This pretty much goes hand in hand with people being friendlier, but I decided to give it a point on it's own for the following reason. Whenever we are in public people would always stare at the bump. It's like they have a natural instinct to 'spot the pregnant lady' and hopefully protect her in the face of danger? But back to my point, when those people realize you have seen them staring they quickly flash a smile and look away. Non of that awkward looking away frantically and hoping I didn't see them.

You can blame forgetfulness on the pregnancy.

 Although this is a great excuse I have to admit that most of the time I do forget things because of 'pregnancy brain'. The struggle is real. I ended up looking for my phone in the fridge the other day because i had forgotten what I was looking for... scary thing is that I actually found it there and then proceeded to search for whatever I was searching for until my Hubs came to the rescue and told me of my absolute fail. 

You can have some fun with strangers.

This should be done at least once during your pregnancy! When some stranger asks you how far along you are, just reply with absolute astonishment and then tell them you are not pregnant. Enjoy them trying to gather their words but don't forget to put them out of their misery before it gets too uncomfortable.

So what are your favorite things about being pregnant?


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