28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

4:52 PM

28 Weeks

How far along: 28 Weeks...and just like that, I am officially in my THIRD (and final) trimester and entering the 7th month of pregnancy. Wow!
Size of Baby: The size of a coconut or a head of cauliflower ! Weighing about 1kg already! 
Gender: Not going to find out :)! Praying for a healthy, full term baby.( Still feeling boy though)
Movement: I love feeling him or her move. This baby is so very active. It melts my heart when I first wake up in the morning and say something and then a few short seconds later the baby moves.  We can see the baby move every night and he/she is doing full on acrobatic movements, I swear! Watching my belly roll is pretty crazy.
Sleep: I get very tired at night, accompanied by a night of me tossing and turning on repeat. Waking up for bathroom breaks. Then more tossing and turning. All worth it, of course! I just feel so bad for Jacques that has to go to work after enduring an entire night of me keeping him awake while I'm home and can always take a nap if the day gets to much.
Workouts: I do a series of stretches every morning (I fail over weekends though). I also so some pelvic floor strengthening exercises as well as some basic all round body exercises.
Symptoms: Sometimes a sore lower back, still having some random cramp like feelings, and fatigue. Other that that I feel absolutely great. Honestly I can say that I am blessed to be Having quite an "easy" pregnancy.
Cravings/Aversions: My aversion for mushrooms is finally gone and to celebrate, I made a mushroom and caramelized onion potato bake. Way Yummy!
Nursery: To be honest we have done absolutely nothing. We have some plans and should probably start getting things ready but as of yet, we still have to start...EEEEK!

Can't Wait For: Being only 12 weeks away, I really cannot wait for November and knowing that in such a short time, I will I hold this little one in my arms. The love I have for this baby is unlike any love I could ever describe. My life's dream is to be a Mommy and I cannot wait to meet this life my husband and I created. Our baby is my greatest joy, I cannot wait to know and care for him or her outside of my body.  

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